Trophy Transport

Trophy transport is a niche in the transport industry, and it takes something special to be successful in this line of business – the goods we ship are very unusual.

To transport a trophy calls for every detail to come together in the end. Just like when you are hunting – it’s the detail that matters; no unexpected sounds, no wrong moves – focus is on the game, you take aim and shoot. It is the same with trophy transport. Here the primary focus is on bringing your trophy home – smoothly and without a single scratch. EVERYTHING we do in the transport process is planned very carefully!

To be this successful you need to be in full control of all administrative details. And that is our premier task – because when ALL details are taken care of we know you will enjoy your hunt.

This is why it is very important to contact NTG Trophy as soon as you have booked your tickets. We will guide you on specific rules and regulations and we will inform you of the newest guidelines concerning the animal you are planning to hunt.

Bob Karlsen
Tel: +45 7634 0916

Henrik Prebensen
Marc N. Jørgensen
Tlf.: 7634 0917