Important Facts

There are a wide range of important conditions you have to be aware of when talking trophy transport.


It is important that you bring tags with you when you leave. All you have to do is contact Bob or Henrik and they will make sure to send all the tags you need. It is very important to tag your game right away – this way you ensure that all people dealing with your trophy – from outfitter to taxidermist – know where the trophy is going. So always bring enough with you.

Routing Orders

Make sure you have the correct routing orders with you. You can just ask NTG Trophy to do it. With the correct routing orders in hand you just give them to the outfitter or the taxidermist – which ever is in charge of preparing your trophy for shipping. This way you know that they use the correct forwarding agent.


To protect endangered species all over the world, there are international rules for what is allowed to buy and sell as well as import and export. You may risk having your items confiscated and being fined if you violate the rules. And based on this, a list of countries signed the Washington Convention in 1973.

The convention is better known as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). In practice this means that special permits are required and in certain cases trading with animals and plants are prohibited – living as well as dead and products manufactured from the skin, feather, teeth, etc.

NTG Trophy is always ready by the phone if you have any questions regarding CITES. Perhaps the game you are planning to hunt is on the CITES’ list. What to do? Hunting some animals may require a prior approval before you are allowed to import them. This means that you have to have all correct permits and documents BEFORE you leave. Please call Bob at +45 7634 0916 and let him guide you safely through.

Import, Customs and VAT

When bringing your trophy home you have to be aware of the fact that SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration) controls the import of trophies and special clearance regulations apply.

To ensure an even rate and clearance procedure of trophies, SKAT has compiled some guidelines. You can find this set of rules on SKAT’s website. But if you want to do it the easy way – all you have to do is ask us, and we will take care of it.

The Veterinarian

You have to make sure to register your trophy to the local Danish food council as unfinished trophies are subject to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s control.

NTG Trophy will help you in this process and with a power of attorney we can register you as an importer of hunting trophies. All you need to do is let us know – and we will do it for you.


You probably want to know what the price is for shipping your trophy before you leave. And this particular question is a little hard to answer unequivocally. A lot of factors contribute to this, including the weight and volume of the trophy.

Furthermore, in some places you have to pay for the content of the box rather than the volume. Therefore we recommend all our clients to contact us so we can start a good and constructive dialogue.