Get Started

A lot of thought and detail characterize the planning of your trip. We will help you get started.

Before your trip

As soon as you have booked your tickets you should contact NTG Trophy. Most people think of trophy transport as the last part of the process. And even though it seems logical to wait with this decision until the end and focus on the hunt here and now, it is of utmost importance to make sure this ’detail’ is taken care of.

If you call Bob or Marc at NTG Trophy they will guide you on specific rules and regulations regarding your destination and inform you about the existing guidelines for the animal you are planning to hunt. They will fill out all necessary documents and:

  • send you trophy tags
  • arrange the best transportation (via road, air or sea)
  • contact the taxidermist
  • contact the veterinarian
  • contact all the right authorities
  • verify whether the animal is on the CITES list
  • take care of all necessary insurances
  • focus on ALL details
During your trip

Enjoy your trip and focus on what you are there for. You can do that because we have EVERYTHING under control.

After your trip

We will keep you updated on where your trophy is in the process. This way you know the status. We will also:

  • take care of customs clearance
  • apply for the necessary CITES permits
  • deliver the trophy to your front door safely and smoothly

Contact us for more information on trophy transport.