We are not joking when we tell you that your trophies are in very capable hands. Behind NTG Trophy you will find Bob Karlsen. Bob has been part of the trophy transport business since 1992 and has in all of his active years secured thousands of trophy transports and has a lot of satisfied clients to prove it.

’I ended up in this niche of the transport business by pure accident. This particular area of transportation requires you to be stubborn and persistent because sometimes it is extremely demanding bringing that trophy home from a far away corner of the world. But that is exactly why my job is so much fun and why I love getting up in the morning – even after 23 years. It is ALWAYS extremely satisfying when a transport is a succes and the client is satisfied’.

NTG Trophy is part of Nordic Transport Group A/S with over 60 other Danish and European transport companies – and more are still joining. The companies within the group cooperate via a partnership agreement that optimises the scope for each individual company in the group to operate and develop its own business. The group makes shared resources and competences available in the form of IT support, joint administrative systems etc. This means everyday life is easier for the individual companies, and our customers enjoy consistently high quality and service, regardless of which company in the group they do business with.

In just a few years, Nordic Transport Group has grown into one of the most progressive organisations in the European transport industry and is worth billions. Our financial position ensures that you as a customer are ensured stability and will only be invoiced when the trophies have arrived in Denmark.

Bob Karlsen
Tel: +45 7634 0916

Henrik Prebensen
Marc N. Jørgensen
Tlf.: 7634 0917